Monday, June 20, 2011

when everyone look down on you.


this entry is not for any just an entry to motivate my self for being down about past 2 weeks for some reason.

ok what am i  doing right now?why am i being so stress out and sad about?that matter shouldn't be bothering you right?so why should you let your tears falling to the ground?for what?for regret?for hating?so what you gonna do now?its already happen.

be cheer up bro.i know i can do this. i know i can face are strong man to've grown up with many obstacle and you manage to past it all.and now you're give up with just like that?come on know you can face this.

wake up aisis!!!be hold to the need to accept the fact.sit wont change anything if you tears to face it with calm,confident and know you can do it.all you need to do is just calm down and think all right?

i'm sure i'm okay and i can face this.huh~wake up and stand on the line of the reality.
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Mekz's! said...

ouch..masalah ye GO GO AISIS do your best!! just trust in yourself okies buddy! jgn la down, klo rase berat, kongsi ngn la ngn org lain..yg boleh dipercayai. okayh! ;)) wake up!!! okayh!

Ai-Sis said...

thanks bro :)