Friday, August 26, 2011

to whom it may concern ;)


to whom it may concern

i just want you to know that i love you from the very first momment that we've met and you smile at me.i remembered the day when we first meet at the office.

i didnt recognise you at all actually but then i suddently notice it was you from the way you smile at me.yeah my heart beat faster than before suddently after you smiled at me.

i wonder what is this feeling actually.and yeah i finally find the answer for all this time long i've searching for the answer.and the answer was you.

i'm glad that we meet.thank Allah for let me meet you even for a while it was good enough to wash away my stress and my worries whenever you smile at me.

i admit that actually i always watching you from a far distance so that you wouldn't notice that i was watching you.i'm afraid that you didnt feel comfortable with me.

day by day pas by and i seek for my strength to say "hye" to you to start a conversation and yeah,you respond well with me.i think that day is the luckiest day for me ;)

we've been friends after teach me how to be patient and be brave through your story teach me how to smile always and being caring for people around me.

i'm glad for having you by my side every momment every second when i'm losing my hope and you didnt even bother about what i'm saying.all you do is you didnt get bored to persuade me to be strong and be appreciate the time that you had for me.

but now,eventough nowdays you didn't have much time for us to hang out just because of the busy-ness of life as a student,but i cherish all the time that we had together from the first momment until this very second.

yeah,it doesnt bother me if we didnt meet often.all i need is your care and be beside me whenever i had a tough time with the name of life.

i know i couldn't give everything that you wish for but you seems didn't even care about it.but for me i'm giving you my best to give everything that i could because...

i'm falling for you again my dear.

thanks for everything.

having you is the greatest gift that Allah give to me.

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