Friday, January 21, 2011

ignore this

as usual.hello for short.

i'm tired of this kind situation here.being a creature with a stolen heart is not an easy thing.being ignore is the worst thing.a single word that can describe too many thing.

IGNORE is a single word and strong meaning which i'm feeling right now.i'm tired of all the selfish person all around me.its really sucks being surrounding by those people who ignore you all the time.and they came to you when you have the useful thing for them to use by their own.dont you think its sucks?

hye dude,people do need friends.they need each other.not ignore them when they didn't be useful for you.GOD DAMN IT!!!didn't anyone who felt like i do right now?.i hate all these kind of things.couldn't you see it?i couldn't hold my breath for all this time.

dont you feel sucks and think by your brain when you say something and hope for the respond by the people that you talk with will give you some respond and yet they did by ignore you?what do you think if you hope when your friends wanna go for some kind of place like eating and enjoy the night and they didn't invite you ask and invite you all along,but they know you're there for them to ask.they see you but they ignore and just go there by them self.dont you think THATS SUCKS?

yeah.its suck for being me.its sucks to be in this does.

i'm sick for being me.i'm sick for all of this.i wonder when it would be the end of this.

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