Saturday, January 1, 2011

if you think

for your information readers,this entry is continued from yesterday malay dont be headache about this entry is what its all the entry before this and you will understand this entry is about what.

now now now.where should i start with?okay let me think... ... ... ...okay.lets start with your msg here.if you think that you're disappear from my eyes would change a thing,you're definitely just turn out to be much worst than i could feel right will make me lose my focus for what i wont know what i'm losing of.

you know how much you mean to me.and yet you want to disappear.i'm sorry if what i wrote yesterday is something that make you feel that you need to disappear from my eyes.i know from the start that i'm just a person who are like to bother other people's life and their problems.yeah i admit about that.i told you a long time ago and i'm sorry.i just dont want to disturb you.not disappear from your eyes.

if you think this is the best decision for ours,then i wont force you to know i'm a person who didnt like to force someone when it comes to decision.the decision is in your hand to make.for me it wouldn't have to be just need time to think clearly deeply down in your heart.thats all.dont make the wrong decision as it will turn you out in the end.

you know that i love the bond between know how much i care about know how much i love know everything about it but you wouldn't know how much worst and pain do i feel if you disappear from my eyes.
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