Saturday, January 1, 2011

preparation for journey

ok now and for now,i need to pack up all my things for sure because tomorrow i'm gonna leaving BANDAR  SUNWAY to IPOH PERAK there.well maybe i already had enough holiday here by doing nothing at all.just lepak-ing and hang out around with some be truth,during this holiday there's nothing activity to be done.just being full of FATS around my belly and my chin.thats are not suppose to be that way because my plan is,i want to burn out some of my fats and some callory in my body but that wont happen just like i plan for.yeah its sad that plan weren't go just as we planed.

but dont worry.when i'm back to action with my college,it would burn all my fat just as i wanted.just hoping.haha.yeah you know sometimes it wont work out as we plan about it.teeheee.

but stop.this is not what i want to talk about.i just want to talk that i'm starting my duty much earlier than other student should be.that is not a good news actually.all my housemate is not coming home on 1st jan.but they are coming on 5th jan.well.4 days that i need to survive as a lonely ranger.hahaha.just like in the jungle.but its not.its a town that full of thieves hang in all around that're right.i should be aware for anything that might come to me while i'm all alone in the rent house.damn it.

why should i'm the one should be in that house alone while waiting for 5th jan,the day that my housemate coming home.argh anyone who want to accompany me while i'm alone here?of course not a ghost and thieves =.="

ok i should stop this nonsense right now or i wont be able to pack my things for tomorrow.errr a few hours actually.hehe.i'm leaving a town with so much noise to a town which is not too much noise.byebye sunway welcome ipoh. =D
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