Wednesday, November 16, 2011

notes for the hearts.

sometimes i did confuse what do you mean.whether its for me or for someone else?yeah i know its not easy to forget someone who we truly love.the first one is tough to forget.i know.its not easy.even a year later you will be still remembered just like it happen just yesterday.

but yeah i know my not the type who love to ask and force someone to follow my way.i believe every people does had their own freewill to choose.its up to you.maybe this is not my time.but i do still believe,if you are made by Allah for me,you wont go far away from me.

eventhough i know that you are still not mine for now,i do had a reason for being happy for you because he made you happy and smile for all the day.thanks to him,i could see you smile.right now,im just following your flow eventhough i know that im not someone special.

yeah...just follow the flow.

Terima kasih atas kesudian membaca entry saya.Like jika suka entry ini.

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Eyda Syahida said...

kalau dah jodoh, tak kemana. doa banyak2 naa..