Monday, May 16, 2011



day by day has been past and everyday she make me feels jealousy with her friends.wauuu.marvelous about that.i didn't think that this is a big matter at all actually.but i wonder why should i be jealous with what her doing?should i be in that way?

oh yeah,maybe it just lack of attention from her that make me feel jealous?ohh damnn.this is seriously matter.isn't it?yeah maybe thats the reason why,cause i've been stalk her page lately to make sure she is happy with everything but it seems didnt turn out well by make me feels jealous.damn.

haih...why this should be happen to me?why am i really really cared about a small matter?ohh i should get rid of it before this matter turn to be critical.need to stop all this nonsense at any cost.yeah.maybe i should stop all this kind of thing for being jealous.

Terima kasih atas kesudian membaca entry saya.Like jika suka entry ini.


Bunga said...

ha neh agak nye npew ? suka kt someone ya ? =)

Ai-Sis said...

takdo laa.kawan je pon :D