Tuesday, March 8, 2011


to my dearest one that are kindly special for me,

i'm sorry for whatever i've done.i know its a mistake by doing like that.its not an easy matter for me eventhough we're together.i'm sorry.maybe im the only one who is thinking such a way.i'm just a useless guy in the end.i'm sorry for being a jerk guy.

i'm sorry for let you know about the negative side of me.it shouldn't be in that way.i just dont know why i could be so wrong at that night.i'm sorry for hurting your feeling from the moment we know each other.i know i had many weakness that you could see in me.

yeah..i'm sorry if i couldn't be the perfect person for you.i've tried,tried,tried and i've doing my best for being the best person on earth for you but...i've failed at the end.i'm so sorry for being a failed person.and i'm sorry for disappoint you about me.

sorry for being a trouble for you.
sorry for make you worried
sorry for everything that i've done.

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