Wednesday, March 9, 2011


assalamualaikum to all my follower and readers.thanks for reading and support my blog after this while.appreciate to all of your effort for reading all the entry that i published lately.thanks for reading yaaw.and i'm sorry for making entry a lil bit personal about my life.there's nothing special about my life actually but i love to type it and published the entry because this is my blog,so i can do what i want to do.hehehehehe.ok enough for speaking nonsense and cut the crap will i?urgh i wish i could.hehehe.

today i'm feeling that i'm the happiest guy in my town coz she made my day and i want to type my thankful for her,so lets start now,shall we?all you need to do is read or get out from here.the choice is yours to make.i wont force someone to read my fairy tale story here. :D

to my beloved baby girl,

if you read this,i want to thank you for light up my day eventhough its in a short time for the meet.thanks for everything.i love the way you keep make me feel that i'm the only person in this world and the world belong to us.thank you for willing to meet me even for a while,it would be another memories between us that i would cherish until the last day of mine.

you've give me a hope to move on another step in my life.thanks for that.i'm sorry if i didnt make anything special in your life coz i just dont know what to do else.i'm being a blur and quite when i'm with you coz i love to see your face smiling.yes its true that is the reason why i keep my mouth shut and keep looking at your face.heee.

another main reason why i keep my mouth shut is because i dont know what to talk about actually.when i talk you're just not interested with the topic.i know about it coz you're too tired and lazy to talk.i'm sorry if i'm bothering you and make you feel bored when i'm around.i dont even know what was actually happen in your life  to talk about.i'm really a deadbrain to think of.i know that i'm boring and maybe that is why you keep on saying where is your friend just now.

i wish there was a picture the two of us but,it doesn't matter cause,your smile is at a wall of my heart.i'm wondering when do we gonna met after this.hurm...maybe we could meet again in the middle of april if i'm not busy and you're free at that time.hurm...naahhh it just a hope and i dont want to expect a higher expectation for the hope.till then thanks for the time.

i really really love you.

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