Monday, March 7, 2011

a love letter.

good afternoon suppose?or good evening is better?err ok i dont mind at all whether its afternoon or evening,its still the same right?ok lets proceed to the next stage in this entry.

this is a note for my beloved one.i dont mind if you guys want to read it.

do you ever think and realise what happen to me lately?i just want you to know what i'm feeling towards you.i dont have the the chance to told you about what is it inside my heart that i wrote deeply at my wall of are too much meaningful for me to be truth.

you know who you are and i know you also know how special you are for me.but sometimes somehow,i'm still affraid to talk with you.i just dont know why?maybe i'm just too afraid of losing you and disturb your routine daily.i know you're tired and sometimes you didnt even reply my sms for some reason.

yeah.i deeply think about you mind start to talk about hearts start to beating for the reason of loving air that i breath is just to let me stay with you for a little bit much body move for a reason of loving you.i barely known you for a little while.but i wish i could known you for a long time.

i cherish every second that we spent together in a moment when we're together.i wish i could stop the time from clicking so that you and i dont have to go home.but i just cant do that.i know this is a feeling for a couples who are being in love with their own mate.i'm excited to go out with you if i could,i want to go out with you everyday,but it seems impossible.and within this week, i just hope that i can go out with you a much more longer.maybe a day?but its seems possible too.but never just a dream which i just cant achieve to spent my whole day with you.

the feeling which i could not express with words.there are not a one in a billion word would do explain my feeling towards know how much i love you.everytime i saw you,my world stop spinning without i notice.all i can see is only you in my eyes that are moving beside me.

i just missed you so much.i cant barely breath easy without you.i just want you to know how much i love you.but if you had someone else,all i ask is just let me know.i'm gonna let you go for your own happiness.its not easy to let go the one you love but for me,its a love who give me the strength to let go of you.seriously let me know about it.

i just dont know why i'm thinking in this way.i dont know why i had a feeling that you had someone else in your heart.i know you didnt even can forget all your ex's memories.i know deeply inside your mind,you're still thinking of someone else beside me.

i'm sorry if i'm thinking or had a feeling about a wrong fact that i barely thinking.i'm just so afraid to losing you.but its okay if you want to break up.all i want is you to be happy no matter wherever you go or with who you are being with.

for P.A.Y.T.

I just want you to be happy 
i love you <3 i missed you.

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