Sunday, April 3, 2011

hoping for a hope.

assalamualaikum to all my followers and my beloved readers.

first of all.i dont know what kind of mess that i'm involve into.i'm feeling depress for no reason.feeling sicks of illness mentally.i'm wondering why and why i'm being depress for no reason in these mean while?its suck for being in depression situation.

i need something that could comfort me now.but unfortunately i didnt know what it is.i need to go to somewhere some place where i could freely my mind from all those sh*ts problem that i'm having now.i need a beautiful view to calm my mind at this rate.i think that is the only way to release my depression level.

but i dont think that i could go to some place with a beautiful scenery at this moment besides dont have any transportation and there is no time cause tomorrow there would be a class to attend.


need help from psychiatry i guess??need to throw away all my depression now!but i couldn't manage that.suck for me.yeay! do feel happy for me aite?i know you do feel on that way.just you didnt show it up.ok make a party to celebrate what i'm being of for depression can you?oh damn.what am i crapping about?lose of senses for now.i'm a acknowledge that.

i'm hoping there is still a hope for tomorrow that,this depression will disappear.

Terima kasih atas kesudian membaca entry saya.Like jika suka entry ini.


il ya na said...

kenapa ni? xmo la sedih2! chill dear

Ai-Sis said...

heeeee.entah la kak.rasa cam gila dengan diri ini.