Monday, December 12, 2011

what if a heart broken?


today im going to discuss about a mainly topic who always been disappointed with their couples.i mean,someone who clash with their couples.and yes the topic is about,what if you're heart broken?im going to explain a lil bit about the topic.

when you're heart broken,you gonna feel that you're lost your strengh and yes you also gonna feel the heartache without no gonna curse the person to satisfied your heart.some of them gonna hurt themself with knives and yes some of them also died because of the disappointed is too strong.

for a person who clash just because of the third person,im sure you gonna crash his/her face or else you're not gonna feel calm right?you will gonna get them in no matter what it will cost you and will make sure they regret with what they did to you.

at start,it was so hard for you to take another step with your loved one.i know it,even for me,its hard to get along for what just like you dont want to wake up by the reality and wish that this is not happen at all.missing all those memories and yes you still want to fly at the sky with it.

but,think once again.whats the point you doing all those things?beat and hurt them wont change anything at're just gonna be caught with the policeman for what you've done to them and yes you also gonna be hate by people around you.dont you feel sorry for yourself at all?you get paid for your action and yes once you're caught,your future gonna be dark for your record.

if you're being positive,being a heart broken is not bad at teach you how to be strong.teach you to grown up and yes its also teach you how to make a correct decision.dont ever looked at the bad side because it will make you feel much more down.

sit down,take your time and think carefully.if you gonna get revenge,things wont solve things but its gonna get worst.for what ever happen in life,life must go must not remember the things that have to do with your ex.walk away far from your ex to start a new life.

forgive your ex for what happen.and most importantly,forgive those people all around you.get yourself busy with doing your fav thing such as watching movies,hang out with friends,sports,playing games,singing,hang out alone at beach and etc.

when someone didnt be the one for you,always remember that Allah will exchange that with something better for always being positive and pray.Allah is the closes to us than anything.when you pray,with Allah's will,the things gonna be happen.if you're praying for something good.if you're asking Allah for something bad,you will get it first.

have some faith in yourself and believe that everyone around you still love you the way you are.dont be someone who is not you.just be yourself and get going to be loved by who really loves sure the time will arrive when your time is come.sooner or later,wont change at need to be patient.dont feel down at all if you have been waiting for so long.Allah knows better then us.believe in it and you will get it right.

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Jemari MonteL said...

malay peles... ai not reti2 ler mangeris nisss.. spekang jadiknye.... :p