Wednesday, December 14, 2011

im a hopeless boy.


day by day im living in my own without no one to be understand the pain,tears,fears,screaming and dark.everyday i feel like im useless person.just like im not gonna be okay for the rest of my life.i've live in this kind of situation for almost 8 years.

always lack of confident and faith inside me.well yeah,many of my friends smile and enjoying their life and their days like there is no tomorrow to look at.i tried to be brave and confident but i couldn't do that.all i've showed is a fake.the fake me.

i wont show the true of myself because i know they didnt want to see that either if i,myself also didnt want to see at all.everyone has their own dark secrets and yes this is my dark secret that i've used to keep to myself from other people.

everyday,i woke up and see in the dark eventhough its a day time and yes i couldn't smile at all.all i need to do is go on with what helpless person.always covered with tears,pain and dark in me.i used to scream but only inside me because whenever i tried to scream,my voice disappear.

no body understands me even myself couldn't understand at just sucks for everything and yes i hate myself very much for being like i wish i could be happy for the rest of my life but i know it wont happen at all.this tears and pain is following me like a shadow.its hard to get away with it.

living without a hope is a useless.i've lost my hope from the begining of the fight.maybe.
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